Mission statement

Commitment to unlimited customer satisfaction

To us, our suppliers are partners

 For our staff members, quality at work equals quality of life

 Our motivation is to act responsibly and sustainably

Contrary to the general trend our company has by choice remained of a size that allows us, in a well selected specialized range of expertise and in nearly "laboratory-like conditions", to guarantee the highest quality in the production of ampoules.

Our aim is to grow together with the quality requirements of our customers

Senior management & responsibilities
Company founders: Robert Koniakowsky und Kurt Kuehr
Managing directors: Ursula und Ingrid Koniakowsky
Plant manager: Christian Fischer
Shareholders: Ursula Koniakowsky, Ingrid Koniakowsky, Wolfgang Kuehr, Simone Kuehr

Our staff
Long-standing, quality-trained employees who identify with the company and, as a result, produce high quality ampoules "made in Austria".

Our innovative industrial engineering unit, responsible team leaders, prudent safety officer and dedicated health manager, each of them contributes a significant share toward the success of the company.

The Pharma-Glas Team

The Pharma-Glas Team