Why glass ampoules?

Liquid pharmaceuticals require high standards in both manufacturing and packaging. Therefore, particular attention must be paid to the primary packaging medium.

The dimensional accuracy and cleanliness as well as the hydrolytic resistance of the packaging medium must satisfy stringent criteria.

Packaging materials for pharmaceutical use must not release particles into the contained product. Likewise, particles must not migrate from the contained product into the packaging material.

PHARMA-GLAS ampoules are made exclusively of type I tubular glass which, due to its chemical composition and even more so as a result of the refined manufacturing processes employed, attains an extremely high level of hydrolytic resistance. Hydrolytic resistance is an indicator of the inner glass surface's resistance to water.

The advantages of glass ampoules:

  • Transparency
  • High quality
  • High quality packaging for high quality pharmaceuticals. Glass ampoules highlight the high level of quality of the contained product.
  • Resistance to chemicals and aqueous solutions
  • Heat sterilizability
  • The cleaning (depyrogenation), filling, and germfree closing of glass ampoules takes place in optimum, perfectly hygienic conditions.
  • A nearly unlimited life span
  • For storing parenteral liquids, glass ampoules are the ideal packaging medium.
  • Sustainability
  • Glass is easy to recycle.