The glass ampoule is 100% tamper-proof

As a partner, we supply you with our standardized or customer-specific glass ampoules of the 1st hydrolytic class (type I). Thanks to the hydrolytic resistance of our ampoules, we ensure that the filling material does not lose its effectiveness and that any interactions are excluded.

The glass ampoule is the only primary packaging that is 100% tamper-proof and consists of just one single material – glass. Our glass envelope is stable all round so that no substances can get inside or outside. It does not matter how long you store the medicine. In addition, our PHARMA GLASS ampoules are very easy to fill and open.

Through continuous improvement, our management system is aimed at keeping our economic and ecological goals in balance through appropriate planning, control and monitoring. In order to meet customer requirements, we pursue high quality standards. We always meet the requirements of EN ISO 9001 (including the general GMP guidelines) and the requirements of ISO 14001.

You can choose your ideal PHARMA GLASS ampoule from various combinations:

  • We produce skewer, funnel and burn-on ampoules. Special designs are also possible on request
  • You can choose from clear glass or amber glass (which is particularly suitable for light-sensitive products).
  • You decide which crushing system is ideal for your product: crushing ring or OPC.
  • We can print up to 3 code rings individually and in different colors for you. We also offer screen printing with ceramic inks that are low in heavy metals.

Get in touch with us and see for yourself. We look forward to a successful partnership!