Why glass ampoules

Glass – the advantages

The manufacture and packaging of liquid pharmaceuticals is extremely demanding. In particular, the requirements for dimensional accuracy, purity and hydrolytic resistance of the packaging are very high.

In the case of packaging for pharmaceutical use, on the one hand, care must be taken to ensure that no particles are released from the packaging to the contents. On the other hand, no particles from the filling material may get into the packaging material.

That is why we pay particular attention to primary packaging. Our glass ampoules are made exclusively from tubular glass of the 1st hydrolytic class (type I). Thanks to our expert processing and the corresponding chemical composition, our ampoules have a very high hydrolytic resistance.

Get in contact with PHARMA GLAS and benefit from the high quality of our glass ampoules. These offer you a multitude of advantages. In the following we want to list some of them for you:


Our glass ampoules are 100% tamper-proof.

Special looks

The transparency gives your product a very special appearance.

Light protection

Our amber glass ampoules protect light-sensitive contents.

High quality glass

With our ampoules, you can also pack your high-quality contents accordingly.

Chemical resistance

Our glass ampoules have a very high hydrolytic resistance and are therefore very suitable for products that require a stable pH value.

Heat sterilizability

Our glass ampoules can be heat-sterilized so that they can be cleaned
(Depyrogenation), the filling and the sterile sealing under optimal and before
all hygienically perfect conditions can be made.


Our PHARMA-GLAS ampoules have an almost unlimited shelf life. So are suitable
they are ideal for storing parenteral fluids, for example.


In addition, glass ampoules are easy to recycle, making them very sustainable.

Strength and tightness

You don’t have to worry about fragility, nor about your contents evaporating or other ingredients escaping to the outside. Our ampoules are 100% tight and tight.


The contact between your product and our PHARMACEUTICAL
GLASS ampoule does not have “interactions”.